The Kitchen Table at The Palace Restaurant

Interested in taking a break from the clich├ęs and tired themes of uninspired chain dining? Curious to find out what goes on behind the scenes of a full-service luxury hotel kitchen? Now you can find out by dining at The City of Cincinnati's exclusive and fully interactive kitchen table located in The Palace Restaurant of the illustrious Cincinnatian Hotel. Here you will be nestled in amidst the hustle and bustle of Cincinnati's longest running 4-star establishment, made privy to all of the behind the scenes "sights and sounds" of a classically trained Chef as he goes about his duty of marshalling and motivating his staff for your dining perusal and pleasure. A visual and culinary array of the highest order abound as servers with their wares, sommeliers with their spirits, and a Maitre D' on an undetermined mission pass you en route to their next hotel or dining room destination. While others patiently await their meal to be served the old-fashioned way, you will be conveniently seated at the most privileged spot in the house. Why wait when without a moment's hesitation you can raise your glasses high, say "bon appetite" and even have the Chef himself join you in your toast.

So rather than try just the same old "so-so," make your reservations at The Palace Restaurant now and asked to be seated "where all the action is" - The Kitchen Table at The Palace Restaurant Cincinnatian. You won't be bored but you will be satisfied.